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It was a privilege for me to be patient at a clinic like AngelSmile. The whole team is to be congratulated for the service and friendliness. A special thank you to Dr.Anselmo for his patience, professionalism and most important Passion for the work he does.

Elisabeth Martin

Service, attendance and accompaniment that I consider excellent!

Eloíse Chermont

I highly recommend the PAIR clinic, excellent professionals from the employees to the entire medical team. I feel that I am treated the best I can.

George Brown

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Frequently Asked Questions

All doctors are registered in the OMD (Dental Association). We have doctors from all dental specialties. You can consult the website (About Us) for more information.


You don't have to pay anything for the treatment plan, it's completely free. You just have to send us your case to get the plan.

No. The payment it's normally divided in 3 steps: 25% of the total amount has to be transferred to our account before the trip (only if we have to book flights or hotels), 50% when you arrive the clinic and the the last 25% only when the treatment is completed.

PAIR will assure any corrections related to dental treatment without no added value to the patient. (Some special situations must be noted: Sickness, smoking, drugs, alcohol, trauma / accident, misuse - not using gutters, lack of hygiene, lack of maintenance, lack of proper medication, excessive use eg opening bottles with teeth, bone-cracking, etc.)

By both. The clinic and the participating physicians are covered by professional liability insurance.

You can change your mind at any stage of the process. You will be charged the cost of the treatment carried out until the withdrawalAt the same time, documents will be signed to rescind the remainder of the process.

In case of dissatisfaction (aesthetics), or in case of complications after the procedure, PAIR will be happy to correct without any added value to the patient. 

You can contact us 7 days a week, through CHAT, Telephone or Email. If necessary you can also contact the medical team.